With our sponsors, IWC has continued to grow with 2,000 spectators, 120+ pilots and over 400 airplanes.

Please consider sponsoring this great event.    

Your business name will appear on and be included in:

                    The MASH style "Mission" board that is located at show center.

                    All of our sponsor boards which are posted throughout the event site.

                    Our announcers will frequently promote your business to the spectators and pilots.

                    Welcome signs located along the entrance route.

                    IWC programs which are free to all spectators and pilots.

                    IWC sponsor list on the home page of our website.

Additional signs, banners, and posters you provide will be displayed prominently.  

For more information on our Sponsorship Opportunities and how you can become one of our sponsors:

Contact - Linda at
Sponsorship Opportunities